Introduction of Noki

I. NFT Name: Noki

II. Introduction of PINs

PINs is a content social network that uses multi-role-playing to create plot-driven metaverses and bring historical and cultural attributes to the community. In PINs, there are countless verses, and each verse is equivalent to a virtual world where people can play multi-roles and engage in diverse behaviors.

III. Introduction of Noki

Noki is a unique species(a native NFT) born in PINs, with an uncertain quantity, but each one is unique. They have different personality traits: such as just or evil, happy or despondent, lively or isolated, narcissistic or insecure, etc. Noki is good at pranking, unconventional, and upholding liberalism. Noki brings initial humor to these boring and desolate universes in PINs. Apart from Noki, there will be many foreign species (non-native NFTs) in PINs. What kind of story will they have in the universe built in PINs?

IV. Noki (NFT) features and functions

1. uniqueness

Each Noki is unique, non-renewable, non-replicable, and non-destructive.

2. friendship

The initial state of Noki cannot be traded. By feeding Noki, Noki's friendship will increase. The initial friendship is 30 points. If you don't feed Noki after receiving it, the friendship will decrease by 10 points every day. Noki can get a random friendship between 5 and 20 points each time.

3. Functionality

As the native NFT in PINs, you can use Noki to act in multi-verses; in other words, it is your virtual identity in PINs. Noki is currently the only role that can act across multi-verses. Once you own Noki, you have the right to create Verse.

Other functions are under development.

V. How to obtain Noki

The only way to get Noki is to complete tasks in the PINs App. Steps for obtaining Noki: NFT does not have any presale, and all NFTs are free.

VI. How to feed Noki

Noki's initial friendship is 30 points,The only way to increase friendship is to complete daily tasks in PINs App. Noki will randomly get 5-20 friendship points for each task.

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