Economic Model

Token (ERC20)

The PINS Token (ERC20) is the universal currency of the PINS world. It can be used to pay for NFT props and currency assets in different Verses, and invest in different Community DAOs to obtain returns, among other functions. Trade PINS on Lbank Exchange:


PINS Ecosystem Each Verse can design its own Game-Fi game rules and economic mechanisms, issue its own currency and other NFT assets, and use them within the economic ecosystem.


  • Total Supply:10,000,000,000 PINS

  • Pow of Social:7,000,000,000 , will be distributed over a period of 20 years.

Early supporters and Community:

  • Launchpad:200,000,000

  • Investor:500,000,000

  • Team and Fundation:300,000,000

  • Eco Rewards(For social developer ecosystem and community contribution incentives):2,000,000,000

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