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PINs is a content social network that uses multi-role-playing to create plot-driven metaverses and bring historical and cultural attributes to the community. In PINs, there are countless verses, and each verse is equivalent to a virtual world where people can play multi-roles and engage in diverse behaviors.

I. Overview: PINs Network

PINs Network is a social media platform using role-playing elements to establish story-driven digital universes (Verses), combining cultural and historical aspects to build unique metaverse communities.

II. Activities within PINs Network

In PINs, users can acquire a unique virtual identity, known as NOKI, and use it to create a Verse, a virtual world for story creation.

  • Users can control the development of their characters and stories. They can participate in others' Verses, contribute to their stories, and even create their own narratives within existing ones.

  • The platform also supports developers in creating new games and social activities.

III. Social Interactions in PINs Network

  • PINs Network incorporates various social elements such as roles, props, timelines, and emojis.

  • Social interaction mainly revolves around characters, stories, and events.

  • The continual progression of these elements creates a cycle that will evolve as more participants join.

IV. Unique Aspects of PINs Network

PINs Network is unique for three main reasons:

  • It creates a social model that fits the decentralized, crypto-based world. Unlike platforms like Damus that simply mirror traditional social models, PINs redefines what a decentralized social network can be.

  • It combines gaming, content creation, and story-driven social interaction for a diversified social experience.

  • It operates as a multi-chain aggregate social platform, incorporating NFTs and tokens from multiple public chains.

V. Advantages of PINs Network

  • PINs Network provides a balance between privacy and effective social interaction.

  • It promotes a creator economy akin to GitHub and uses NFTs as unique digital identities.

  • Each NFT is given a personality, background, and history, redefining social identities.

VI. Technical Foundation of PINs Network

PINs Network is built on the EMIT Core protocol, an elastic blockchain infrastructure based on Block Lattice, designed for DApps. It operates through various DApps, such as roles constructor, DAO, multimedia data container, and more.

VII. Economic Model of PINs Network

  • The PINS Token, an ERC20 token, is the platform's universal currency.

  • It can be used for various purposes, including purchasing NFT props, investing in Community DAOs, and more.

  • Each Verse can also create its own currency and economic ecosystem.

VIII. PINs Network Philosophy

PINs aims to build a virtual society that mirrors reality, incorporating elements like NFT digital identities, story-driven social interactions, and social currencies to construct a comprehensive virtual world.

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